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Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy Resource Centers (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) have been called the kind, calm, nonjudgmental face of the pro-life movement. Free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI screening, abortion information, parenting classes, and material assistance are just some of the many services offered that empower women to choose life. These ministry centers offer hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support. They provide life-saving help in a truly life-changing way by assisting women who are at risk for abortion with the life-affirming, practical support they need to choose life, then prepare them to parent or to place for adoption.

There are 2300 Pregnancy Resource Centers in North America, where only 3% of the world's 46 million yearly induced abortions occur. Only 600 such ministries exist in the rest of the world, where 97% of the induced abortions are done.

In the years since Roe vs Wade, 4 major umbrella organizations have developed, (as well as several other smaller organizations). These groups network with 2300 separate Centers in the US and Canada, and 600 Centers in other countries. Heartbeat International (originally Alternatives to Abortion) began in 1971, and is focused on establishing Centers in North America and Internationally. CareNet had it's beginnings in 1975 (as Christian Action Council) and seeks to promote, prepare, and plant pregnancy centers across North America. In 1993, NIFLA was founded to provide legal advice and consultation to Centers, and was the leader in promoting medical and ultrasound education and services in the Centers. In the mid 90,s, Focus on the Family began providing educational resources, and later on pushed for the acquisition of Ultra-Sound units for the Centers. In 2001, Life International was founded with the focus of establishing Centers in every country where induced abortions are done. These major umbrella organizations collaborate on educational and other initiatives to provide the most caring and helpful encouragement possible for the women who come to them, and they include post-abortion healing ministries as well. And Option Line is a 24/7 phone ministry giving assistance to women and girls about pregnancy resources. You can reach them at 800-395-help.

A very complete pregnancy center service report is found at www.apassiontoserve.com

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