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Is our population declining?

Our population IS in decline and the evidence is everywhere.  In the United States people are imported from other countries to work at job which cannot be filled.  These jobs are both low paying and high paying jobs.  A good example is the medical profession.  People are finally beginning to discover the reason.   Evidence the follow commentary concerning a front page story published in the Detroit News on November 19th concerning the the nationwide shortage of nurses in the United States:

" A recent Detroit News article discussed the nationwide shortage of about 100,000 nurses, which is expected to reach 300,000 - 600,000 by the year 2020. Letters to the editor discussed many possible explanations for the shortage, but I couldn't help wondering how much of it is due to the 40 million babies we've aborted since 1973. I can't even imagine what the state of health care is going to be like by then, not to mention the military, Social Security, and every other aspect of national life, if we don't stop killing children. That's if the Lord hasn't returned by then, which could happen, though I believe it's highly unlikely the Lord will return before judging us for our national sins. "            Chris A. Coatney  11-26-2001


How abortion, infanticide & euthanasia will affect the world population through 2050 :

Global Depopulation – A Reality?

(Reprinted from Life Issues Connector, January, 1998)
                       By J. C. Willke, MD

                       Not only do population rates continue their dramatic downward trend
                       in the developed world, but a sharp and persistent decline is also
                       taking place in the less developed world. Contrary to Vice President
                       Al Gore and most of the liberal media – if we look and listen – we’ll
                       see that we’ll soon be on the verge of declining population worldwide,
                       not over-population.

                       A November New York Times article said, "Unlike dips in population
                       growth throughout history, this slide, which began in the ‘60s, was
                       not caused by a natural or economic disaster or war or a plague.
                       There’s no Black Death to blame, no World War I, no Great
                       Depression. This decline is widespread; it is steady, and the current
                       decline shows no signs of reversing as earlier ones have."

                       Overpopulation is certainly the major reason for the Western nations
                       and the United Nations pushing for abortion in underdeveloped lands.
                       But is this still a valid claim (if it ever was)? Most well informed
                       people know that, across the Western World, birthrates have dropped
                       below replacement level. A recent HLI Bulletin gave us some
                       sobering statistics.


                       35 nations are dying in both Eastern and Western Europe. Fifteen
                       European countries now fill more coffins than cradles. Only two
                       countries are above replacement birth rates – little Malta with 2.4
                       children per completed family and isolated Muslim Albania with 2.8.
                       The average married European woman now has 1.35 children in her
                       lifetime. Italy’s birthrate of 1.2 is the lowest in the Western World.
                       The New York Times said in November that, in Italy, government
                       officials expect "empty classrooms and thousands of unemployed
                       teachers, with shortages of service industry workers and health care
                       personnel to care for older people."

                       Spain is close behind Italy, while European Russia, at 1.1, has the
                       lowest overall birth rate in the world. Last year its death rate was
                       70% higher than its birth rate.

                       Europe’s de-population bomb, in both the East and West, is fast
                       producing a huge demographic vacuum into which are moving
                       millions of Muslims and Arabs who have large families.
                       Some 5 million Muslims now live in dying France. In Germany,
                       Muslims have built some 1,500 mosques. Brussels, the capital of
                       Belgium, has entire classrooms of children without a single
                       Caucasian child in them.

                       By the year 2000, for the first time in history, there will be more
                       Muslims in the world than Catholics. This, thanks to contraception,
                       sterilization, surgical abortion and abortifacient drugs. Meanwhile the
                       threat of legalized euthanasia hangs over the Western World like a
                       hungry vulture. This may well be the social "solution" for large
                       numbers of elderly people needing to be cared for by a dwindling
                       work force.

                       Japan & China

                       Japan, with fewer than 1.4 children per family, is one of the fastest
                       aging nations in the world. Whole villages have no one left but elderly
                       folks. A September New York Times article reported that, because of
                       the shortage of young wage earners, Japan’s rate of savings will be
                       zero or even negative by the year 2010. By 2025, 73% of Japan’s
                       income will be going for social welfare, largely for health care and
                       pensions for the elderly.

                       Of course, the Chinese are the worst off. For 15 years, the Red
                       Regime has forcibly inserted abortifacient IUD’s into mothers after the
                       birth of their first child. After two children, the State forcibly sterilizes
                       them. Mothers, pregnant without the permission of the Communist
                       Party, are subjected to forced abortions. It has been 15 years of a
                       one child per family policy, resulting in mostly boys. In a few years,
                       there will be social turbulence and violence when tens of millions of
                       young men cannot find wives.

                       Underdeveloped Nations Also

                       The birth dearth has spread well beyond the developed world.
                       Twenty-seven developing countries now have fewer than 2.2 children
                       per woman, which means they are not reproducing their own
                       numbers. In 1985, the world’s total fertility rate – the number of
                       children born per woman in her reproductive lifetime – was 4.2. Now,
                       worldwide, it’s 2.9 and dropping.

                       Today 79 countries are dying because of birth rates below
                       replacement level. These countries are home to 40% of the world’s
                       population. By the year 2015, an estimated two-thirds of all the
                       people on earth will live in countries with birth rates at or below
                       replacement level, which is 2.1 babies per woman.

                       The Wall Street Journal in February of 1997 said, "Villages left will be
                       bereft of children, and schools will be closed for lack of students. If
                       the human face of this population implosion is melancholy, do
                       understand the economic consequences are nothing short of grim.
                       Labor shortages will cramp production. Housing markets will grow
                       moribund. This in turn will create a drag on real estate and other
                       sectors of the countries."

                       Global Redistribution

                       Assuming that we will have a shrinking population, but with the
                       decline much more rapid in the West than in the South, we will see a
                       global redistribution of world population. At the present time, the ratio
                       of population is approximately 4 in the underdeveloped nations to 1 in
                       those more developed. But if these projections continue, by the year
                       2050, the ratio will be 7 to 1. For example, as of today, the ratio of
                       the population of Europe, compared to Africa, is about 1 to 1. But in
                       another 50 years, there will be three Africans for every one European.

                       An Aging Population

                       Aging will be another impact of de-population. In 1900, the median
                       age of the world’s population was around 20 years. Today it’s about
                       25. But with the continuing drastic reduction in birth rates, the aging
                       population will raise the median age to 40 years by 2050.
                       In some countries, it will be much worse. In Japan, the median age
                       will be 53, Germany 55 and Italy 58 – and there won’t be many
                       children. Another way of looking at it is, if these population trends
                       continue, in another 50 years there will be three times as many old
                       people as young children in the lesser developed nations, but in the
                       West the ratio will be 8 to 1. To take the most extreme example, if
                       Italy’s reproductive rate stays at 1.2 (you need 2.1 to replace), by the
                       year 2050 only 2% of Italians will be under five years of age, but 40%
                       will be over 65.

                       Is There Documentation?

                       This is the obvious question. Are the above figures just predictions by
                       a few, or can these be substantiated? In support, there is now a
                       major, well-documented report by Nicholas Eberstadt, a researcher
                       with the American Enterprise Institute and the Harvard Center. In a
                       major October 16, 1997 Wall Street Journal analysis, he reported on
                       the October General Population Conference in Beijing. The
                       Conference was to focus on the threat of over-population. However,
                       the meeting began with a presentation by some of the world’s best
                       demographers offering a dramatic reassessment of the world’s
                       demographic future. They are now seriously considering the
                       possibility that the world’s population will peak in our lifetime and
                       then commence an indefinite decline.

                       He also details this de-population scenario, set out most recently by
                       the United Nations Population Division’s 1996 revision of its biannual
                       compendium, World Population Prospects, as the oldest, largest and
                       most intensive of various contemporary attempts to outline likely
                       future demographic trends.

                       Let’s look at what these authoritative numbers are telling us. Recall
                       again that in an underdeveloped country, the average woman must
                       have 2.2 babies in her lifetime in order to maintain a stable
                       population. In a developed nation it’s 2.1

                       By the UN estimate, total fertility rates in developed regions have
                       fallen in the last six years from 1.7 to 1.5 babies per woman. Clearly,
                       developed nations are dying. It estimates that this will drop farther in
                       the next decade to about 1.4. This means there will then be 3 people
                       dying for every 2 babies being born in the Western World.

                       There’s a middle group called Less Developed Nations. Their rate had
                       averaged about 3.3 in the early ‘90s. It’s projected to drop to about
                       2.0 in 20 years and to 1.6 by the middle of the next century.

                       The third grouping are the Least Developed Countries. Their total
                       fertility rate a decade ago had been about 5.0. This is expected to
                       drop below 4 by 2010, below 3 by 2020 and below replacement level
                       by 2035.

                       Remember, these are United Nations statistics. This means that, if
                       these trends continue as predicted, there will be global de-population,
                       beginning in a little over 40 years. The UN estimates predict that the
                       actual population of the world between 2040 and 2050 will drop by
                       almost 100 million. From then on, world population will shrink by
                       roughly 25% with each successive generation.

                       So why does the Clinton-Gore administration and the European
                       Union keep dwelling on overpopulation? They certainly have access
                       to these statistics. The answer is almost certainly what was clearly
                       laid out in the October issue of The Connector. It’s most likely that
                       the primary reason is the quest for power. If the West is to have
                       global control over the underdeveloped South, it must reduce
                       population in the South or lose worldwide dominance.


                       The West has reduced its own population with contraception,
                       abortifacients, sterilization and abortion. Now, through the United
                       Nations, and with the eager help and aggressive push by the United
                       States through President Clinton, it continues to massively dump
                       those practices on the families of the developing world.

                       What lies ahead? A world full of wheelchairs, increasingly infirm
                       senior citizens, and escalating demands for medical service and
                       care? Can fewer and fewer young people take care of more and more
                       old people? Perhaps the answer will be massive euthanasia.
                       The bottom line is that we will all get old. Will there be someone to
                       take care of you, since the State may not be able to? Ben
                       Wattenburg, one of our most famous and reliable demographers
                       today, has said it very succinctly. "You want security in your old
                       age? Then you don’t put dollars into Social Security – you put in

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