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Why Renewable   

- Provide electricity and clean drinking water to families in need.
- Reduce costs compared to conventional alternatives.
- Reduce environ- mental impacts in ways appropriate
for local cultures.

Four Renewable Technologies
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A collaborative project to benefit rural Mexican communities
Roughly a third of the world's population lack access to electricity and clean water, and are not likely to get these basic necessities through conventional technologies which are often inappropriate for their living situations.

This project, funded by private donations, is a collaborative effort with several rural Mexican communities and dedicated professionals at the Mexican Foundation for Rural Development, to provide renewable energy technologies to rural families in the north of Mexico who make less than $5 per day.  Donations are used to directly subsidize the purchase of solar electricity for homes and solar ovens for efficient cooking. 

To date, Solar Mexico has subsidized the purchase of 35 household solar electric systems, providing clean electricity and light for 35 families.  We have also organized rural demonstrations of solar ovens and subsidized the purchase of many ovens for needy families.
About $550 will buy a family clean,  
 environmentally friendly energy for the
   next 30 years.  Each family will contribute 20% of the cost.

Family with Solar Panel

Now Solar Mexico has teamed up with Engineers Without Borders at the University of North Carolina, bringing new energy to our projects, and making education an important goal for Solar Mexico

Thank you for your support of this project.  ~ Jason West

Lavaderos, a community in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
Lavaderos is a rural community typical of the communities we support.  With about 50 residents, it is located two hours from the nearest city and far from the electric grid. The community is hardworking and self-sufficient, but earns very little money from the sale of goats and goat cheese.  In addition to lacking electricity, residents of Lavaderos face problems with the availability of water, and the erosion of the desert environment as they gather wood for their major source of energy.
Lavaderos Family
Lavaderos Goat Milking
Goats are the only real source of income in Lavaderos.  Altogether each family earns less than $5 per day

FMDR Logo The Mexican Foundation for Rural Development
FMDR is a nonprofit organization, created and sustained by private initiative. It has more than 40 years of experience improving the lives of rural low-income Mexicans.  Through projects to support development, education, health and energy, FMDR improved the well being of more than 22,000 families and over 1200 rural cooperatives in 2001.
More information is available at

Community Participation
With the Foundation's help, we ask the local families for 20% of the renewable technologies that we subsidize - this will stretch resources to help more families and provide a sense of ownership so the technologies are well cared for.

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